We are a community of Christians who have chosen the Episcopal Church as our denominational home and this parish as our church family. Some of us have been Episcopalians all our lives; a few were even founding members of this parish back in 1948. Most of us, however, have come from other denominations and are newer to the St. Charles area. We are single and married, of different social and economic backgrounds; that which unites us is more important than our differences. We are all here because we find Jesus Christ in our worship, in our fellowship, in our education, and in our ministry and service to others. We value the friendliness and vitality of our parish, and are excited about its future. We gain support, comfort, inspiration and guidance from the Word and Sacraments we share. We don't believe the Episcopal Church is the "only" church, but we value the way it has encompassed many different points of view and styles of piety, including within its life both the Catholic and the Protestant, the ancient and the reformed, the liberal and the conservative.